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Groundnut Oil

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Extracting the wood pressed groundnut oil from the seeds using vaagai wooden mara chekku 100% natural, cold pressed & unrefined. Great healthier substitute to refined oils. Made from finest quality raw seeds by crushing slowly in a traditional wooden ghani /marachekku machine – no heat generated in this process Cook, grill, sauté, deep fry – ideal for all types of cooking. Fresh rich aroma and flavor. All natural goodness – zero additives and zero chemicals

Coconut Oil

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Wood Pressed(Cold Pressed, Mara Chekku, Lakdi Ghana) Coconut Oil for Cooking, Hair and Skin Care
100 % Traditional Extracted using Vaagai Wood Pressing Method.
No Heat Generated, No Loss of Vitamins & Proteins.
Zero Chemicals used
Coconut Oil is extracted from high-quality Sulphur Free Copra (Dried Coconut Komels).
Wood Pressed Coconut oil – It is a nourishing hair oil & promotes lustrous & healthy hair growth. Can be used as skin moisturizing lotion and anti-aging face moisturizer

Sesame Oil or Gingelly Oil

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Sesame oil, gingelly oil Known as the ‘queen of oil seeds’, strongly endorsed by Ayurveda and other traditional forms of medicine for stimulating body heat, energy and for skin, hair benefits. Mannus Sesame oil that is extracted extracted using traditional cold pressed method to get pure and healthy Cold Pressed Sesame Oil (or Gingelly Oil or Til Oil)
Reduces risk of heart diseases Prevents gall bladder stone Lowers cancer risk Boosts metabolism Provides essential fatty acids
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